Is Hypnosis magic?

Hypnosis is not magic, but sometimes the effects can be magical. As a qualified Hypnotherapist based in Basingstoke I see the positive effects using this natural treatment everyday.

It really fascinates me how using words expressed in a specific way can help my clients move much more quickly in the directions of their goals, whether it is weight loss, quitting smoking or other issues that research has shown hypnotherapy can help with.

During my studies on the subject of the benefits of hypnosis over the years, I learnt that there is nothing new in this fantastic tool. Believe it or not Hypnosis was first used over 4000 years ago by the early Egyptians. The healing took place in sleep temples, a kind of hospital where patients were placed into a trance like state where many ailments both physical and psychological could be eased. The interesting thing is that there was no scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of Hypnosis at the time, like there is now. 

Of coarse anyone who as taken even a slightest interest in the positive brain changes that take place whilst in an altered state of consciousness will know about Positron emission tomography (PET SCAN). Subjects were hooked up to a PET scan and just asked to relax, then subjects were hooked up and hypnotised. What they discovered was different parts of the brain was active and inactive during both states when compared.

This means our  brains behave in a unique way whilst under hypnosis that is how positive changes can occur at a much deeper level. You can experience this for free, just go to my hypnotherapy 4 you download page

As I explain to my Basingstoke clients on a regular basis, to get full benefits from my Hypnotherapy, it is important to listen to your hypnotic recordings on a regular basis. How about thinking about it this way.

I am guessing you wash every day, I am also guessing you feed your body everyday. Well, why not feed your mind every single day, it's your most valuable asset. Feed your mind with positive helpful thoughts every day and you will find issues that surround you become much easier to handle.

Trust me I'm a Hypnotherapist, you know it makes sense. Need more help call me it's easy.