Smoking and the effects on others you care about

As a smoker in Basingstoke I ask you to consider the negative effect you will have on the people around you.

I write this blog to hopefully empower at least one person to get on the road to positive change. If that is achieved then I won't find the time it takes to pen my personal account a waste of time. So as you  read this and ask yourself why you can be bothered to make an effort, read on.

Someone very close and dear to me has many many health problems, I am not going to list these issues as that would be inappropriate. But I am prepared to a describe the effects of her health issues and how they affect her and the people around her. 

As an ex-smoker the damage has been done, the damage is irreparable. She quit smoking 6 years ago at the age of 49. She regrets starting smoking at the age of 14 every single day of life. She suffers every single day in a way I would not wish on my worst enemy. She as multiple conditions associated with the poisons she has "willingly" taken into her body in the belief she knew best. Bless her, her body is shot and suffers severe breathing problems on a daily basis with the anxiety that ensues. She needs constant support from family, friends and of course the NHS. The NHS have saved her life so many times I lose count, the number of over a hundred would not be an exaggeration. 

So enough about my experiences at the hands of a very unwell loved one. So let's say you are a smoker in Basingstoke reading this and you justify your habit by believing it only affects you.

Well my friend I am going to say something you won't like. Your habit will have a very negative effect on your family, your friends and be a very expensive demand on NHS resources. Trust I am a Hypnotherapist, look at the evidence around you if you dare to face the truth. But I am not telling you to make the change and to quit smoking here in Basingstoke, don't consider the benefits for me, don't even consider the benefits for you, because you may not care, or do you. I ask you please to consider the benefits of living a healthy life on a daily basis for your loved ones so they don't suffer themselves from your selfish actions. If you are lucky they will support you in your suffering because they care.

So don't be selfish, if not for you but for the people closest to you.