7 Misconceptions of Hypnosis

1. Hypnosis is magical

Hypnosis is a natural state, there is nothing magical about it.

2. When experiencing hypnosis you are asleep

When in hypnosis you are generally very relaxed, but not asleep. In fact you are alert, but in a relaxed state.

3. Hypnosis is dangerous

Hypnosis itself is not dangerous as it is a completely natural state, but it is important to treat it with respect because it is a powerful therapy that should only be administered by a trained professional such as your qualified Basingstoke Hypnotherapist 4 You practitioner.

4. In Hypnosis you will lose control

In a state of hypnosis you remain in control and will not say or do anything you do not want to. This misconception arises from stage hypnosis which uses natural suggestibility of highly suggestible people to do funny things that they are happy to do. If you notice, stage hypnotists always choose their subjects very carefully. They test people suggestibility because they know that only suggestible people will make good subjects for entertainment purposes. Stage hypnosis is very different from the use of hypnosis within hypnotherapy.

5. There is danger you will not wake up from hypnosis

In hypnosis you are not asleep and you can come out of the altered state at anytime.

6. Some people cannot be hypnotised

Every individual experiences different things when in hypnosis but everyone can be hypnotised and attain a different or heightened state of consciousness. It’s only the elderly and the very young who may find a deep trance state more difficult to obtain as their level of concentration is generally lower.

7. In hypnosis you are under someone else’s control

In hypnosis the person being hypnotised is always in control. You cannot force anyone into hypnosis. Your professional Basingstoke Hypnotherapist 4 You, facilitates the process and helps to produce the therapeutic change you desire.