Donna's 18 years of anxiety overcome

I have been working with Donna to help her overcome her deep seated anxiety and low self-esteem. I helped her to facilitate change utilising various techniques such as six step re-frame, inner child and gestalt. As you will read (donna's own words) these tried and tested techniques work very well, when delivered by your trained Hypnotherapist.

My name is Donna, I am 37 years old. I consider myself lucky to be a mum to four beautiful children, but sadly I haven't been able to give them the life they deserve. I left a very abusive relationship 14 years ago but the impact I allowed him to have on my life has been soul destroying. Simple every day chores a mum is expected to do has been so daunting, a trip to the local supermarket for everyday essentials has caused so much stress and anxiety that I used to opt for online shopping. A short walk to work alone has always been out of the question. That constant sick feeling in my stomach, the pains in my chest, the uncontrollable sweating, the constant feeling of wanting the ground to open up to swallow me just so nobody could see me has stopped my children and I from having a normal life.

I believed the medication that I am on was helping, it helped me to sleep, it helped me to get through the day, it was allowing me to function. But a few months ago I realised I wanted more than just to feel like I was just existing, I wanted to enjoy life like all my family and friends seemed too. My four children are growing up and they will be off making their own lives and their own futures, this was beginning to cause more stress andpanic, they were no longer going to be my protective shield that they have been for so long. So I decided it was now my time to live and to start doing the normal things.

I decided to take a look at hypnotherapy , it couldn't hurt I guess, I wasn't sure if it would work I was aware that I had become so set in my ways. I contacted Steve though a friends recommendation,  we had a chat and he did his best to reassure me, he talked though the stages and what we were going to do, he really did settle my nerves. After our first meeting I started to notice I was doing little things like popping to the local shop. After my second meeting my children started to notice I was wearing make up more and doing my hair I was starting to go out more alone. The third meeting was the real transformation I am now pushing myself on a daily basis to do something out of the ordinary for me. I no longer want to hide away in shame I now realise I have never needed to. For the first time in 18 years I am finding out what life is all about. I know there will be times that I will doubt myself and that's ok, I know I can contact Steve for another session. It was all worth the money, the best investment I have ever made because thanks to Steve I am looking at a brighter future because for the first time ever I believe in myself.

Jack's Battle with panic attacks

Jack (not his real name) came to me, in my Basingstoke hypnotherapy rooms, to overcome a fear of flying, he was due to fly to Barcelona in three days. Talk about leaving things to the last minute. So under hypnosis we carried out the "Fast phobia cure", within the hour he was happy his fear of flying had greatly reduced and the very obvious anxiety he exhibited on arriving had completely gone. I asked him to text me when he arrived in Barcelona to let me know how the flight went. Well, he did text but only after he went up in a helicopter whilst away, he was absolutely thrilled. Phobia of flying gone.

The story continues, a month later he called me in an absolute panic, he was sitting in a motorway layby shaking and very scared, he had to pull off the road for fear of crashing. It appeared he had experienced a panic attack. So we arranged a meeting, at that session Jack was regressed to find the "hidden" event in his past that had triggered the panic attack. I then helped Jack resolve the issue. Months have past now, no recurrence what's so ever. It transpired that when Jack was younger he tried to take his own life, the feelings he had then effectively re-surfaced in the form of a series of panic attacks. What made the situation even more scary is the fact he did not know why he felt that way. This of course is the nature of panic attacks.

 Julie’s experience with my Pure Relaxation Audio

Julie (not her real name), one of my latest clients has really achieved some instant and most profound results from listening to my Pure Relaxation Audio. Julie a lovely lady, has come to me to get help with losing weight. Like all new client’s, I ask them to listen to my Pure Relaxation Audio before our first session. There are several reasons for this, the first is that I want my new client to experience a deep relaxation because I have found many people struggle with the concept of just letting go. Secondly, I want my new client to “get good” at going into Hypnosis as it makes the positive change process much easier. So back to Julie. Julie has one of the most important jobs in the world, which is she cares for other people, she is a care worker. Quite often Julie will do a 16 hour shift, which as you might imagine is very exhausting indeed. She would feel tired and emotionally drained leaving her short tempered and even grumpy. So prior to her latest 16 hour shift, Julie had been listening to her Pure Relaxation Audio every day for 6 days. Well her transformation was fantastic (her own words). After completing her long shift, Julie had none of the usual feelings of exhaustion, short temper or feeling emotionally drained. The benefits she has accrued and is continuing accrue are real and noticeable due in no small way to Julie using her Pure Relaxation Audio everyday. How will you notice the benefits by listening to your FREE Pure Relaxation Audio, drop me a line. Good luck