So I guess you are thinking you are ready to give up cigarettes now, and start leading a more healthy lifestyle. Maybe you want to improve your chances of living a little longer and start enjoying a more fitter life so you can enjoy your family and friends more. Maybe you are looking something short term and just want to save money.

Maybe you are just fed up of being controlled by an unhelpful habit and want to feel and act in control once more. Just because you “think” you want to smoke, it doesn’t mean you have too. So when you are ready to make the first move, just call for a chat.

Decide to take back control NOW!

After working with Steve, I found it the most natural thing in the world to just accept myself as a permanent ex-smoker. Job done. I am now a smoke free zone. - Tony G

But just in case you need a little more convincing on the health benefits of quitting smoking, why not check out the 27 negative effects smoking has on your body. 

You have probably tried Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), such as nicotine gums, patches, inhalers, tablets, lozenges, or sprays but have not achieved the results you desire. Most people turn to Hypnotherapy as a last resort but the strange thing is smokers start smoking and continue to smoke due to conditioning, or to put it another way they were hypnotised into smoking. What is this crazy person saying I hear you say, "no one told me to start smoking" yes unfortunately you were maybe unwittingly coerced into taking up the fags by well meaning friends and the media. Just take yourself back to when you had that first cigarette and ask yourself why? Just for a moment if you would.

That's good, hold that thought. Now imagine just for a moment you did not take that first puff, what if you said no and refused to place that cigarette between your lips. You would now be a non-smoker, obviously. So are you wondering, just for a moment if you can undo what has been done. With the help of Basingstoke Hypnotherapy 4 You, your hypnotherapist will at a subconscious level return you to that time and change the memory associated with smoking. Once carried out correctly and accepted by your subconscious mind you become a non-smoker. It is as simply as that, of course there is a little bit more involved, but that is my job to help you become a non-smoker. All you need to do is contact me when you are ready and just relax.

Not sure if hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking in Basingstoke is for your, no problem just download your Pure Relaxation Audio here and experience Hypnosis for Free.