Achieve yours goals with your own Basingstoke Mind Coach

So you have that issue to overcome, and it's been going on for a while. You have tried many times to make that personal change. It maybe seems the harder you try to improve, the more you remain stuck in your old unhelpful behaviour. You might have almost given hope completely and resigned yourself to the fact that, change is impossible and you are just "that sort of person". As a qualified Basingstoke Mind coach I can help you begin to see things in a more positive light.

Ok, take note. I am telling you "you can make that change".

I have had clients who for 30 years have had issues with overeating,  whom I have helped

I have had clients who for 40 years had issues with smoking whom I have helped to become ex-smokers.

I have had clients who for over 20 years had issues with anxiety, sometimes very deep seated. I have helped my clients to be much more happier, contented and relaxed in many more situations.

I have had clients who for many years, had fears with flying, spiders or crowds whom I have helped to put these fears behind them.

I have had clients whom want to excel at their chosen sport, to move to the next level, and they have.

I have had clients who want to earn more money whom I have helped by installing a new confidence in themselves. This has been by building a new or existing business, and helping them take it too the next level.

Are you ready NOW to take IT too the next level?

Steve Thomas your Basingstoke mind coach

Steve Thomas your Basingstoke mind coach

Can Hypnotherapy help with Fibromyalgia

The medical proffession will tell you there is no known cure for Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is classified as an auto-immune disease, which means the body's defence systems attacks specific area from the inside.

Hypnotherapy through the use of metaphor and positive imagery, I believe can over time restore the immune system balance. Which will in turn reduce many of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia such as elevated pain, extreme fatigue and trouble sleeping.

Because all bodily functions are run by the subconscious mind, that is the mind we are unaware of, hypnotherapy can help.

Come along for a free initial consultation to learn more.

Help with Fibromyalgia is here

Help with Fibromyalgia is here

Easy short term fix for Anxiety sufferers in Basingstoke

We all get stressed and anxious from time to time, it’s just part of daily living, it is normal. Don’t feel bad about feeling bad, it’s ok. You cannot stop a thought appearing in your head, but you can decide to dwell on it or not. Naturally it is unhealthy to worry about things we cannot control, it is physically detrimental to your physical wellbeing to maintain that position. So what can you do to take back control and feel better. There are many techniques I teach my clients, depending what resonates with the individual. For the purpose of this blog I am going to take you through the SiBerian North RailRoad technique.

Notice the capitalised letters if you would in the SiBerian North RailRoad technique. Which are S.B.N.R.R.It is a mnemonic to help you remember.

So you have an emotional upset, namely; anger, fear, guilt, sorrow, frustration etc, you get the picture. So here we go.

  1. Stop

  2. Breathe

  3. Notice

  4. Reflect

  5. Respond

See how this works for you, you having nothing to lose. Good luck.

Not sure if hypnotherapy in Basingstoke is for your, no problem just download your Pure Relaxation Audio here and experience Hypnosis for Free.

If you are considering hypnosis to overcome a challenge you may have, just contact your local Basingstoke Hypnotist for a free initial consultation. 

Lose a stone in 8 weeks and keep it off without dieting


To lose a stone in 8 weeks and keep it off without dieting can be as simple as 1 2 3 4.

That's because I will show you what other people are doing to lose weight easier. I will show you with just 4 simple concepts, meaning you will Lose a stone in 8 weeks and keep it off without dieting.

You won't have to follow any diet, because diets don't work. When I say diets don’t work, don’t take my word for it, just look at the evidence. There seems a new diet at every turn, if they did work, there would be no more diets. I will help you create a much better relationship around food, dring and exercise. I will walk you through 4 easy to understand concepts that will change you life putting you in control of you.

So how can I help you to Lose a stone in 8 weeks and keep it off without dieting.

As a positive change behavioural change specialist, I will work with you personally to:

1. Establish the cause of your unhelpful relationship with food, drink and exercise.

2. Remove those unhelpful behaviours at the source.

3. Install new and productive behaviours around food, drink and exercise.

4. Monitor ongoing progress as you move closer and to your ideal weight and shape.

As you are maybe considering whether you are now in the right frame of mind and to make that decision to make a start at living the fit and healthy life you deserve. You can just contact me for a free no obligation chat or listen to my free Pure Relaxation Audio to check me out further.

So to lose a stone in 8 weeks and keep it off can be as simple as 1 2 3 4 but it does maybe require a slightly different perspective. I like one of Albert Einstein’s well known quotes, which is; “the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results”. So that means if you have struggled to lose weight in the past, why not take a fresh look, be open to new positive concepts that work, if that make sense.

I have a tried and tested programme in place that should you qualify for my time, you will lose a stone in 8 weeks and keep it off without dieting. I would love to explain the 1 2 3 4 process with you personally or on the phone.

Four healthy habits to help you stay sober in Basingstoke

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, 40-60 percent of people in recovery will relapse. This is roughly in line with relapse rates for other chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or asthma. Despite this fairly high relapse rate, addiction is considered a treatable disease, and researchers have identified many techniques that can help you on the path to recovery. Here are four healthy habits you can take up to improve your odds of success.

Exercise Regularly

Many studies show that a physical exercise routine can help people in recovery. Exercise works by undoing the damage that substance abuse can do to the body and brain. Very soon after you start an exercise routine, you start to see improvements in your fitness, general health, and appearance. This can help rebuild feelings of competence and self-confidence, things that substance abuse may have broken down.

But exercise also has a direct effect on withdrawal symptoms. It changes the brain in a way that reduces the strength of cravings, helping you to stay on track. Another benefit of exercise is that it reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety. This is crucial because unpleasant emotions often play a role in relapse.

Eat Well


There is more to recovery than sobriety, although of course, that is the key aspect of it. Substance abuse can harm the body, both through direct, toxic effects of the substances and through the poor lifestyle choices that tend to go hand in hand with it. For example, substance abuse can cause deficiencies in nutrients, which increases the risk of various diseases. According to MedlinePlus, healthy eating is a crucial part of repairing this damage and can help prevent relapse, too. Try to stick to regular mealtimes and eat foods high in fibre. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods as much as possible. Many people in recovery become dehydrated, so make sure you drink plenty of water.

Stay Connected

It’s normal to feel lonely when you’re in recovery because your previous social life has been completely removed. This loneliness can cause some people to seek out old friends, which can be a slippery slope back to old habits. The solution is to build new friendships. This is why group therapy is so useful—you’re forming new connections with people, supporting each other in building new, healthier habits. So make the most of these group sessions. Volunteer work, taking up a team sport, or starting a hobby you can do in a group setting are other good ideas. When you feel ready, recovery also enables you to rekindle old relationships with friends and family members, which may have been damaged in the past.

Practice Meditation

At its core, meditation is the practice of learning to control the mind. The goal is to hold your attention on your breathing or the sensations in the body and keep it there as long as you can. When your mind wanders, you notice this and bring it back to the object of awareness. Many studies show that this simple practice can help reduce the risk of relapse in recovery. A craving is like a magnet, pulling your thoughts, feelings, and actions in a certain direction. With meditation, you develop the strength to resist this pull and direct your thoughts and actions something else. Meditation is also an effective stress-reduction technique, so it will help keep your mind calm, peaceful, and relaxed.

Research has shown that people are more likely to recover from substance abuse if they attack the problem from several angles. This means going to counselling and group therapy sessions regularly, taking medication as advised, and taking up multiple self-care habits outside of formal treatment.

Should you need a little help with enjoying a healthy drink free life, and live in Basingstoke just call, it’s easier than you think.


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Need more help just contact me now.

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How do you Know when you are hypnotised?

I have carried out many group hypnotic demonstrations in the Basingstoke area. The most recent talk I presented was at a local golf course. 

I explained the power of positive visualisation, and how it applies, in this context to golf improvement. I then ask my guests to actually carry out a simple routine that proves to them, it really works. Yes, they were amazed.

As a stage hypnotist, I think it is really important that my client/subject knows what hypnosis is and more importantly knows that they have actually been hypnotised. The easiest way for me to show this is to just do it.

So I will asked for a volunteer to come up and experience hypnosis, so the rest of the group could see first hand the true power of this phenomena. So I had my volunteer and I shall call him Dan, because that was his name. He entered hypnosis very quickly, I like doing it quickly as it's more fun. My favourite "things" I like to get my subject to do, is to forget something that they should absolutely know. I have found this goes down really well in my demonstrations.


So I had Dan forget his name, yes actually forget his name, no matter how hard he tried he could not recall his name. Naturally the audience were amazed, I then gave him a NEW name, which not surprisingly was a girls name, just to add even more hilarity into the show. To say my invited guests was gobsmacked was an understatement. We done other fun things as well, making it a really interesting and informative evening for all, including Dan. 

Not sure if hypnotherapy in Basingstoke is for your, no problem just download your Pure Relaxation Audio here and experience Hypnosis for Free.

If you are considering hypnosis to overcome a challenge you may have, just contact your local Basingstoke Hypnotist for a free initial consultation. 

Make extra cash NOW

Would extra cash be of interest to you, if so read on.

I am currently promoting my Hypnotherapy services in Basingstoke. I will give you £30 cash for each friend/family member who decides to use this therapy to help themselves make positive changes. You will receive your £30 when I receive full payment from the person you recommend. Please ensure your friend tells me your name and contact details, then I can get £30 to you.


Please note there will only be one payout of £30 for each full fee payment received by myself. That means a full paying client can only nominate one person to receive the £30 cash back. I trust that is clear. You can of coarse promote my services to as many friends as you wish, and earn much more than £30.

Why not tell them about my Free Pure Relaxation Audio here, and get the pounds rolling in for you.

This current offer may end at anytime at my discretion . So just like and share and of course add a comment.

Overcome your fear of spiders in Basingstoke

Spiders are on the move in Basingstoke, this is the time of year when the male spider leaves the web in search for a female mate. Anyone who has lived in Basingstoke for any amount of time will be aware Basingstoke spiders are really big.


I have helped many of my clients overcome phobias including the fear of spiders and flying. As I speak with my Basingstoke clients in my Hypnotherapy rooms, it truly amazes how an intelligent person whom appears to be extremely confident goes to "pieces" when coming across a spider or the thought of flying. I have had clients spend a large proportion of their time literally turning a room over, in search of the 8 legged fiends before they can fully relax. This person will have many responsibilities in life which are dealt with comparative ease, but when the "trigger" to be fearful fires, all confidence goes. Do you know someone who are a victim to their phobia, I do. These same people also believe they can never change, they believe they are a victim of their circumstances, a victim to their fears they feel powerless.


I don't argue with them or tell them, I use tried and tested techniques that will help them greatly reduce their fear of spiders or flying, sometimes in 1 session costing only £120. No, I don't even tell them how easy it is to overcome your fear of spiders in Basingstoke, and what's more it is actually a fun experience. I know this as my clients leave my Basingstoke hypnotherapy rooms smiling and so much more relaxed than when they came in.

Not sure if hypnotherapy in Basingstoke is for your, no problem just download your Pure Relaxation Audio here and experience Hypnosis for Free.

For more information to overcome your fear of spiders in Basingstoke, and other areas where Hypnotherapy can help with, just contact me Steve Thomas

It's much easier than you think.



Get better sleep in Basingstoke

As a qualified Hypnotherapist in Basingstoke, I often get asked questions like "how can I get better sleep" and when I wake during the night "how can I get back to sleep quickly". During these conversations it soon becomes clear my client is really trying hard to get to sleep, and the more he/she tries the harder it becomes.



At which point I say "yes, so the harder you try to sleep the harder it becomes", and he/she says yes.

I then usually pause briefly and allow for that "light bulb moment" to take place. If it does not, I then explain, now this is a big one. Psychologist have found; 


At this part of the conversation I get something like "ok smarty pants, how can I get to sleep without trying" and I say yes.

Moving on quickly, you must be drifting off through boredom by now. So don't TRY, it's a waste of time. The reason probably why you are having trouble sleeping is you are replaying your previous day thoughts and worrying about your forth coming day. 

So how to get better sleep

So I now suggest to my client. Go on a walk in your mind, I want you to see what you see, hear what you hear and feel what you feel. It can be somewhere you have been before or somewhere made up, like a beach, park or even walking around the shops if that relaxes you. Whatever "floats your boat", experience it and make it yours. Shops don't do it for me personally; open country "floats my boat". I want you to really get into the experience, what do you notice around you, is there bits that are close and some in the distance, are the images sharpe or something else, notice the colours, even the shades of colour, even the textures.

Notice the sounds, what direction are they coming from, behind/right or left/in front. Are some far away and some closer. What are you feeling, maybe your feet walking on the ground, is it soft or something else, is there a breeze if so, where do you notice it on your body, can you feel a warmth, is so where and is it moving.

The more you practice the better your sleep will become, and the better sleep you get, the better you will feel. Why not practice this when you have a spare 10 minutes during the day.

Not sure if hypnotherapy in Basingstoke is for your, no problem just download your Pure Relaxation Audio here and experience Hypnosis for Free.

So if you live in Basingstoke and want to know if Hypnotherapy can help with other issues such as weight loss, quitting smoking, overcoming anxiety issues, just contact myself Steve Thomas for a free chat, it's easy.



Relax your way to weight loss in Basingstoke

Are you looking to lose weight in Basingstoke, if so read on, you have come to the right place.

Unfortunately the subject of personal body fat is weighing heavy on our nation. It has been reported recently that 1 in 11 deaths are linked to excess weight in the UK. As a nation we are the second heaviest in the world, only beaten by the USA as the most obese nation on the globe.

As a contrast, team GB are currently second in the Olympic medal table, with the USA on top. So we are number 2 in weight and number 2 in medals as I pen this blog. I find this position most contradictory, so I felt I needed to understand why this is the case. There are reasons of course why some people in Basingstoke find it difficult to lose weight and enjoy a much improved quality of life. These reasons include lack of motivation, emotional issues and the instinctive human desire of wanting the good stuff now. But according to my research the main reason why the UK is second in the global weight tables is the UK food industry. The UK food industry is bombarding us on a daily basis with temptation to eat large and to eat unhealthily, and I truly believe it is NOT YOUR FAULT. There are very clever well funded corporations convincing us or should I say hypnotising us to follow this most unhealthy path.

So now you understand it's probably NOT YOUR FAULT, are you ready to make changes NOW. Are you ready to take control of your thoughts, your actions and most importantly your behaviour. 

Relax your way to weight loss in Basingstoke

Relax your way to weight loss in Basingstoke

Recent studies have shown that relaxation can help with weight loss. so if you live in Basingstoke, you can experience my RELAX YOUR WAY TO WEIGHT LOSS classes. These are weekly sessions lasting one hour with a fee of £10 per person.

For more information feel free to contact me or call on 07880 726025

Smoking and the effects on others you care about

As a smoker in Basingstoke I ask you to consider the negative effect you will have on the people around you.

I write this blog to hopefully empower at least one person to get on the road to positive change. If that is achieved then I won't find the time it takes to pen my personal account a waste of time. So as you  read this and ask yourself why you can be bothered to make an effort, read on.

Someone very close and dear to me has many many health problems, I am not going to list these issues as that would be inappropriate. But I am prepared to a describe the effects of her health issues and how they affect her and the people around her. 

As an ex-smoker the damage has been done, the damage is irreparable. She quit smoking 6 years ago at the age of 49. She regrets starting smoking at the age of 14 every single day of life. She suffers every single day in a way I would not wish on my worst enemy. She as multiple conditions associated with the poisons she has "willingly" taken into her body in the belief she knew best. Bless her, her body is shot and suffers severe breathing problems on a daily basis with the anxiety that ensues. She needs constant support from family, friends and of course the NHS. The NHS have saved her life so many times I lose count, the number of over a hundred would not be an exaggeration. 

So enough about my experiences at the hands of a very unwell loved one. So let's say you are a smoker in Basingstoke reading this and you justify your habit by believing it only affects you.

Well my friend I am going to say something you won't like. Your habit will have a very negative effect on your family, your friends and be a very expensive demand on NHS resources. Trust I am a Hypnotherapist, look at the evidence around you if you dare to face the truth. But I am not telling you to make the change and to quit smoking here in Basingstoke, don't consider the benefits for me, don't even consider the benefits for you, because you may not care, or do you. I ask you please to consider the benefits of living a healthy life on a daily basis for your loved ones so they don't suffer themselves from your selfish actions. If you are lucky they will support you in your suffering because they care.

So don't be selfish, if not for you but for the people closest to you.


Is Hypnosis magic?

Hypnosis is not magic, but sometimes the effects can be magical. As a qualified Hypnotherapist based in Basingstoke I see the positive effects using this natural treatment everyday.

It really fascinates me how using words expressed in a specific way can help my clients move much more quickly in the directions of their goals, whether it is weight loss, quitting smoking or other issues that research has shown hypnotherapy can help with.

During my studies on the subject of the benefits of hypnosis over the years, I learnt that there is nothing new in this fantastic tool. Believe it or not Hypnosis was first used over 4000 years ago by the early Egyptians. The healing took place in sleep temples, a kind of hospital where patients were placed into a trance like state where many ailments both physical and psychological could be eased. The interesting thing is that there was no scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of Hypnosis at the time, like there is now. 

Of coarse anyone who as taken even a slightest interest in the positive brain changes that take place whilst in an altered state of consciousness will know about Positron emission tomography (PET SCAN). Subjects were hooked up to a PET scan and just asked to relax, then subjects were hooked up and hypnotised. What they discovered was different parts of the brain was active and inactive during both states when compared.

This means our  brains behave in a unique way whilst under hypnosis that is how positive changes can occur at a much deeper level. You can experience this for free, just go to my hypnotherapy 4 you download page

As I explain to my Basingstoke clients on a regular basis, to get full benefits from my Hypnotherapy, it is important to listen to your hypnotic recordings on a regular basis. How about thinking about it this way.

I am guessing you wash every day, I am also guessing you feed your body everyday. Well, why not feed your mind every single day, it's your most valuable asset. Feed your mind with positive helpful thoughts every day and you will find issues that surround you become much easier to handle.

Trust me I'm a Hypnotherapist, you know it makes sense. Need more help call me it's easy.

Hypnosis don't work according to John

Hypnosis don’t work according to John

I bumped into an old mate of mine called John recently, we got chatting as you do, and he asked me what I was up to these days. I said I was busy as a Hypnotherapist helping many of my clients overcoming their negative habits. He said “what quitting smoking and weight loss, that sort of thing”. Naturally I said yes, and found my Basingstoke clients very receptive to change even after our first session together. 

He said “Hypnosis don’t work”. Well I thought for about 2 milliseconds, then asked him if I was to explain briefly how and why Hypnosis works would that maybe of interest to you. After all you strike me as an intelligent person, I said.

So I was considering which of my many explanations I use daily to help my clients achieve great results from our hypnotherapy sessions. I could have gone with the:

 Computer analogy, you know, the one I explain on my website. This is when you consider, we have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. The conscious mind is like the desktop on your computer, and the subconscious mind is like the hard drive, the unseen powerhouse. Using Hypnosis that unseen powerhouse can be effectively re-programmed. 

Or as the intelligent individual he is, I could have gone with the neurobiology explanation which is of course:

Research has shown most if not all thoughts begin in the subconscious mind, or more specifically in the Limbic system, and of course thoughts lead to beliefs and beliefs lead to actions and behaviours. We are not aware of our unconscious thoughts until they become conscious when they reach our cerebral cortex. Therefore that means none of our thoughts are original, we just think they are. All are pre-programmed in the subconscious, the powerhouse of our brains. This is how hypnosis works because hypnotherapy deals with the subconscious. Most of our programming is useful, getting dressed, driving, reading, communicating............... You get the drift. But some programming may be unhelpful such as addictions such as overeating/smoking and phobias.

So I said to my mate John, “which explanations sit best with you in proving the effectiveness of hypnosis to overcome unhelpful habits”.

Not sure if hypnotherapy in Basingstoke is for your, no problem just download your Pure Relaxation Audio here and experience Hypnosis for Free.

Well I will leave that one with you. For more information just contact me, it’s easy.



How you can feel good whenever you want

I am going to talk you through a very simple technique that will make you feel great whenever you want, and of coarse its good to feel good, is it not.

Are you still with me.

So think of a time you experienced pleasure, close you eyes and really get into that memory. Notice what you see, notice what you hear, notice what you feel and notice what you may even taste and smell.

Bring all your senses into you recollection really enjoy the pleasure, ramp it up. Increase it further by imagining your pleasure as a colour and adding more pleasurable colours to your pleasure, spin it one way then another. Have fun make it grow, spin faster and faster, give it a sound, give it a taste and even a smell, make it yours.

As you experience your pleasure, set an anchor by touching your thumb and index finger together on your left hand, then release just before your pleasure peaks. Think of something else like what you had for breakfast today, then. In NLP terms this is called breaking state, now do it again. Then think about what you had for lunch yesterday. Do it again, have fun this is easy stuff. Do ten times more.

Now test the anchor by touching your left thumb and index finger together and you will find you will experience the pleasure again. If you want an even better experience, go back to the start, this is easy stuff, enabling you to feel good whenever you want.

So to recap:

  1. Decide on the pleasure, see it, hear it, feel it. Really get into the experience.
  2. Touch your finger and thumb just before the feeling peaks.
  3. Test your anchor.
  4. Not stronger enough? do it again.

The more you do it the better it gets and the easier it becomes. So you can now feel great whenever you want. it's easy, enjoy.

My job as a Basingstoke Hypnotherapist is to help you feel good whenever you want, utilising tried and tested therapy techniques. Should you need help with quitting smoking, managing you weight better, overcoming anxiety or other issues as listed here, just contact me now, it's easy.


Don't worry about Anxiety in Basingstoke

It has been reported that 9.7% of the population suffer from Anxiety, but if this applies to you there is help available.

But to explain how Anxiety works we need to understand a little about the brain and more specifically the Amygdala. The Amygdala is known as the fear centre of the brain, it is located in the Limbic system and works closely with the Hypothalamus. We need this area to work well as it is sometimes appropriate to experience fear so we can take necessary action to get us out of trouble when threatened.

Don't worry about Anxiety in Basingstoke


The problem is when, in the case of Anxiety sufferers their Amygdala tends to be over active and perceive threats when there are none. Also the symptoms over time strengthen as they get habitually re-integrated by running this unhelpful program over and over again. 

The reason why hypnotherapy can be very helpful in overcoming Anxiety is the fact that all processes within the Limbic system are unconscious. That means you are not directly aware of the program running until you experience the effects physically. So as Hypnotherapy deals with the programs that run the unconscious, the problem program can therefore be removed at source. Because as you may already know, most if not all thoughts originate in the unconscious or subconscious areas of the brain, and it's our thoughts that lead to behaviour.

There are many effective tools which I will use to help you feel much better about yourself, one of these is a technique called Systematic Desensitisation. Systematic Desensitisation is a technique that many properly trained and qualified Hypnotherapist incorporate into their daily practise helping their clients to live much more happier lives.

So if you suffer from anxiety in Basingstoke help is available, now.

Not sure if hypnotherapy in Basingstoke is for your, no problem just download your Pure Relaxation Audio here and experience Hypnosis for Free.

The power of Addiction can be your downfall or your greatest lesson

I write this personal account to present the all consuming negative affects that addiction can cause.

Without trying to bore you too much with regard to the detail, a young man showing much potential landed himself on my doorstep. He was down on his luck, destitute, no money or resources, hundred of miles from friends and family a stranger in need of a little support to get on his feet.

Against the advice of some of my wonderful friends, I decided to do the right thing and bring this stranger into my home. I gave him a bed, fed him and even gave him money to help him in his time of need. I felt it was the right thing to do.

My wife was in hospital with breathing problems during the majority of his stay, he had open access to my home. Between work and hospital my focus was consumed, I began to trust and accept this stranger to my home, my life and family. I took my eye off the ball.

I came home late one night, my wife's car gone, other valuables and cash gone. He was gone.

The B*****d had robbed us. I could not believe it, the mess, the emptiness was there to see and feel. I gave this guy a part of my life, to say I felt distraught was a understatement. How would I tell my sick wife her car had gone, along with her disability scooter and grand childrens child seats. I wanted to rush to the hospital and share this despicable news her, but for fear of stressing  her, decided to wait until morning. A very long night, feeling abused, used and sick to the core.

The weeks have been hard, but the muddiness is beginning to clear.

So to the power of Addiction, what drove this intelligent young man with potential to take advantage of good people. I believe he has an all consuming gambling addiction. Although I hate him for the distress he has caused to me and my family, I believe he is not a bad person. I don't excuse his act but as a local Hypnotherapist based in Basingstoke I understand the destructive power of addiction, his gambling addiction. Due his addiction, he has incurred the wrath of the justice system, he is now in prison.

Destructive addictions takes many forms, smoking, over-eating, anxiety to name but a few. Naturally you won't go to prison for smoking, overeating or anxiety but the affects on quality of life can be just as isolating. I believe the affects of these common addictions can be worse, because they sneak up on you, become part of your life, get under your skin, be with you every day until you accept them as normal. You condition your life to misery.

As an intelligent person, reading these words and contemplating your thoughts take control of your life NOW, act now and put them addictions behind you.

So don't let the power of Addiction be your downfall, let it be your greatest lesson. Do something about it, get the help you know you deserve, NOW.

Not sure if hypnotherapy in Basingstoke to overcome Anxiety is for your, no problem just download your Pure Relaxation Audio here and experience Hypnosis for Free.

Lose weight in Basingstoke easier by adjusting your dial.

Weight loss can be easier than you think living in Basingstoke

Once the correct mindset is achieved. Because when you think about it, no one is forcing food into your mouth, you can chose what to eat and when to stop eating, or can you?

Why is it some  morbidly obese people can't stop and skinny people eat very little. Is it down to will power or self-discipline?

Neither, because it's all in the mind.

To be specific your Ventromedial Hypothalamus, this is a structure located in your Limbic system. This little beauty determines when you are full so you stop eating. Would'nt it be great if this little device could be controlled in some way, maybe adjusted like a dial. Of coarse dials generally have numbers to indicate a range, lets assume the range goes from 0 to 10.


When that dial reaches 10 you stop eating because your brain is telling you to stop because you are full, or should I say your Ventromedial Hypothalamus is telling you to stop eating. Lets suppose you can move that stop signal to say 9, this will mean you get full sooner with a little less food. Would you lose weight then, probably. Lets move it down further to say even a 7, wow that means you will get full on nearly a third less food.  Hypnosis works because the process deals with the subconscious or inner mind, the driver of all your behaviours and habits.

So will that mean you will lose weight? What if this could be achieved on a consistent basis. Success!

Weight problem going going, gone.

So how can this dial be adjusted in your favour, so you can lose weight easier, well unfortunately you cannot physically reach in and adjust your dial. You cannot even WILL your dial down because your dial is situated in the subconscious part of your brain, which by definition you have no awareness of. So we need a process that can affect the subconscious. The all powerful inner you that maintains; 

  1. Your physical body,

  2. Stores your memories,

  3. Stores your habits and skills.

This is where hypnosis comes in utilising the language of positive change overcoming problems at a subconscious level.

Basingstoke Hypnotherapy 4 you is offering the popular Hypno gastric band  for a very reasonable investment of £ So why not take action now, and lose weight easier in Basingstoke by adjusting your dial. You know you deserve it.

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Don't read this unless you want to quit smoking in Basingstoke now.

So you are looking to quit smoking in Basingstoke now and are considering the benefits of Hypnosis to make the change to become an ex-smoker permanently, and you can providing you really really want too. But of course you want to quit smoking in Basingstoke or you would not be interested in this article.

At Basingstoke Hypnotherapy 4 you we can help you access your inner mind to make the changes you want to make more easily. The biggest challenge my clients tell me is by quitting smoking they miss out on the camaraderie of hanging out with their fellow smokers, whether at work or socially. So I like to deal with this by helping my clients to elicit a very empowering state using a simple technique called a swish pattern.

The great thing about Hypnosis to quit smoking in Basingstoke is it is not mind control, unless you want it to be. That means I cannot force you to become a ex-smoker unless you want too. I can open doors, clear a path and even remove obstacles but you have to do the walk from a smoker to a ex-smoker.

So are you prepared to walk the walk or continue talking the talk, are you serious NOW about doing something about it. Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. 

Why not do this if you are serious about stopping smoking.

  1. Write down the 10 benefits of being a ex-smoking now.

  2. Then write down the drawbacks of quitting smoking, there will be drawbacks.

Now look at your 10 benefits to quit smoking in Basingstoke now, think about them, what do you see when you think about them, what do you hear inside when you consider all your reasons to quit smoking. Make them big and bright, make them sound and feel wonderful. See what you see, hear what you hear and feel what you feel. Make your reasons to stop smoking so big and you will become a permanent ex-smoker.

So to quit smoking in Basingstoke now is easier than you think, just contact me at Basingstoke Hypnotherapy 4 you  to find how.

Not sure if hypnotherapy in Basingstoke is for your, no problem just download your Pure Relaxation Audio here and experience Hypnosis for Free.