Get better sleep in Basingstoke

As a qualified Hypnotherapist in Basingstoke, I often get asked questions like "how can I get better sleep" and when I wake during the night "how can I get back to sleep quickly". During these conversations it soon becomes clear my client is really trying hard to get to sleep, and the more he/she tries the harder it becomes.



At which point I say "yes, so the harder you try to sleep the harder it becomes", and he/she says yes.

I then usually pause briefly and allow for that "light bulb moment" to take place. If it does not, I then explain, now this is a big one. Psychologist have found; 


At this part of the conversation I get something like "ok smarty pants, how can I get to sleep without trying" and I say yes.

Moving on quickly, you must be drifting off through boredom by now. So don't TRY, it's a waste of time. The reason probably why you are having trouble sleeping is you are replaying your previous day thoughts and worrying about your forth coming day. 

So how to get better sleep

So I now suggest to my client. Go on a walk in your mind, I want you to see what you see, hear what you hear and feel what you feel. It can be somewhere you have been before or somewhere made up, like a beach, park or even walking around the shops if that relaxes you. Whatever "floats your boat", experience it and make it yours. Shops don't do it for me personally; open country "floats my boat". I want you to really get into the experience, what do you notice around you, is there bits that are close and some in the distance, are the images sharpe or something else, notice the colours, even the shades of colour, even the textures.

Notice the sounds, what direction are they coming from, behind/right or left/in front. Are some far away and some closer. What are you feeling, maybe your feet walking on the ground, is it soft or something else, is there a breeze if so, where do you notice it on your body, can you feel a warmth, is so where and is it moving.

The more you practice the better your sleep will become, and the better sleep you get, the better you will feel. Why not practice this when you have a spare 10 minutes during the day.

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