Welcome to my Download page

Please note these recordings are of a highly Hypnotic nature and therefore never listen to them whilst driving, operating machinery or involved in any activity that requires your full attention. To understand how hypnosis works, feel free to read the section called Hypnosis and the Brain. As you read this section you will begin to understand the real and useful benefits of regular hypnosis sessions helping to relieve the everyday anxieties of life. 

So make yourself comfortable either sitting or lying down and allow yourself 30 minutes of uninterrupted personal time. Rest assured that at any time during your session you can come back to full alertness if required. Should you drift off to sleep and not respond to the wake up instructions, please be assured you will wake when you are ready. For any other concerns see my misconceptions of hypnosis section or just contact me, it's easy.

You can listen directly from this page by clicking the arrow on the left or simply download the hypnotic recording directly to your device, just by clicking the download button on the right. It is recommended you use headphones as you listen to your free hypnotic recording. Please listen often to achieve great results. For more information please go to my how hypnosis works in Basingstoke section.