Don't worry about Anxiety in Basingstoke

It has been reported that 9.7% of the population suffer from Anxiety, but if this applies to you there is help available.

But to explain how Anxiety works we need to understand a little about the brain and more specifically the Amygdala. The Amygdala is known as the fear centre of the brain, it is located in the Limbic system and works closely with the Hypothalamus. We need this area to work well as it is sometimes appropriate to experience fear so we can take necessary action to get us out of trouble when threatened.

Don't worry about Anxiety in Basingstoke


The problem is when, in the case of Anxiety sufferers their Amygdala tends to be over active and perceive threats when there are none. Also the symptoms over time strengthen as they get habitually re-integrated by running this unhelpful program over and over again. 

The reason why hypnotherapy can be very helpful in overcoming Anxiety is the fact that all processes within the Limbic system are unconscious. That means you are not directly aware of the program running until you experience the effects physically. So as Hypnotherapy deals with the programs that run the unconscious, the problem program can therefore be removed at source. Because as you may already know, most if not all thoughts originate in the unconscious or subconscious areas of the brain, and it's our thoughts that lead to behaviour.

There are many effective tools which I will use to help you feel much better about yourself, one of these is a technique called Systematic Desensitisation. Systematic Desensitisation is a technique that many properly trained and qualified Hypnotherapist incorporate into their daily practise helping their clients to live much more happier lives.

So if you suffer from anxiety in Basingstoke help is available, now.

Not sure if hypnotherapy in Basingstoke is for your, no problem just download your Pure Relaxation Audio here and experience Hypnosis for Free.