The power of Addiction can be your downfall or your greatest lesson

I write this personal account to present the all consuming negative affects that addiction can cause.

Without trying to bore you too much with regard to the detail, a young man showing much potential landed himself on my doorstep. He was down on his luck, destitute, no money or resources, hundred of miles from friends and family a stranger in need of a little support to get on his feet.

Against the advice of some of my wonderful friends, I decided to do the right thing and bring this stranger into my home. I gave him a bed, fed him and even gave him money to help him in his time of need. I felt it was the right thing to do.

My wife was in hospital with breathing problems during the majority of his stay, he had open access to my home. Between work and hospital my focus was consumed, I began to trust and accept this stranger to my home, my life and family. I took my eye off the ball.

I came home late one night, my wife's car gone, other valuables and cash gone. He was gone.

The B*****d had robbed us. I could not believe it, the mess, the emptiness was there to see and feel. I gave this guy a part of my life, to say I felt distraught was a understatement. How would I tell my sick wife her car had gone, along with her disability scooter and grand childrens child seats. I wanted to rush to the hospital and share this despicable news her, but for fear of stressing  her, decided to wait until morning. A very long night, feeling abused, used and sick to the core.

The weeks have been hard, but the muddiness is beginning to clear.

So to the power of Addiction, what drove this intelligent young man with potential to take advantage of good people. I believe he has an all consuming gambling addiction. Although I hate him for the distress he has caused to me and my family, I believe he is not a bad person. I don't excuse his act but as a local Hypnotherapist based in Basingstoke I understand the destructive power of addiction, his gambling addiction. Due his addiction, he has incurred the wrath of the justice system, he is now in prison.

Destructive addictions takes many forms, smoking, over-eating, anxiety to name but a few. Naturally you won't go to prison for smoking, overeating or anxiety but the affects on quality of life can be just as isolating. I believe the affects of these common addictions can be worse, because they sneak up on you, become part of your life, get under your skin, be with you every day until you accept them as normal. You condition your life to misery.

As an intelligent person, reading these words and contemplating your thoughts take control of your life NOW, act now and put them addictions behind you.

So don't let the power of Addiction be your downfall, let it be your greatest lesson. Do something about it, get the help you know you deserve, NOW.

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