How you can feel good whenever you want

I am going to talk you through a very simple technique that will make you feel great whenever you want, and of coarse its good to feel good, is it not.

Are you still with me.

So think of a time you experienced pleasure, close you eyes and really get into that memory. Notice what you see, notice what you hear, notice what you feel and notice what you may even taste and smell.

Bring all your senses into you recollection really enjoy the pleasure, ramp it up. Increase it further by imagining your pleasure as a colour and adding more pleasurable colours to your pleasure, spin it one way then another. Have fun make it grow, spin faster and faster, give it a sound, give it a taste and even a smell, make it yours.

As you experience your pleasure, set an anchor by touching your thumb and index finger together on your left hand, then release just before your pleasure peaks. Think of something else like what you had for breakfast today, then. In NLP terms this is called breaking state, now do it again. Then think about what you had for lunch yesterday. Do it again, have fun this is easy stuff. Do ten times more.

Now test the anchor by touching your left thumb and index finger together and you will find you will experience the pleasure again. If you want an even better experience, go back to the start, this is easy stuff, enabling you to feel good whenever you want.

So to recap:

  1. Decide on the pleasure, see it, hear it, feel it. Really get into the experience.
  2. Touch your finger and thumb just before the feeling peaks.
  3. Test your anchor.
  4. Not stronger enough? do it again.

The more you do it the better it gets and the easier it becomes. So you can now feel great whenever you want. it's easy, enjoy.

My job as a Basingstoke Hypnotherapist is to help you feel good whenever you want, utilising tried and tested therapy techniques. Should you need help with quitting smoking, managing you weight better, overcoming anxiety or other issues as listed here, just contact me now, it's easy.