Relax your way to weight loss in Basingstoke

Are you looking to lose weight in Basingstoke, if so read on, you have come to the right place.

Unfortunately the subject of personal body fat is weighing heavy on our nation. It has been reported recently that 1 in 11 deaths are linked to excess weight in the UK. As a nation we are the second heaviest in the world, only beaten by the USA as the most obese nation on the globe.

As a contrast, team GB are currently second in the Olympic medal table, with the USA on top. So we are number 2 in weight and number 2 in medals as I pen this blog. I find this position most contradictory, so I felt I needed to understand why this is the case. There are reasons of course why some people in Basingstoke find it difficult to lose weight and enjoy a much improved quality of life. These reasons include lack of motivation, emotional issues and the instinctive human desire of wanting the good stuff now. But according to my research the main reason why the UK is second in the global weight tables is the UK food industry. The UK food industry is bombarding us on a daily basis with temptation to eat large and to eat unhealthily, and I truly believe it is NOT YOUR FAULT. There are very clever well funded corporations convincing us or should I say hypnotising us to follow this most unhealthy path.

So now you understand it's probably NOT YOUR FAULT, are you ready to make changes NOW. Are you ready to take control of your thoughts, your actions and most importantly your behaviour. 

Relax your way to weight loss in Basingstoke

Relax your way to weight loss in Basingstoke

Recent studies have shown that relaxation can help with weight loss. so if you live in Basingstoke, you can experience my RELAX YOUR WAY TO WEIGHT LOSS classes. These are weekly sessions lasting one hour with a fee of £10 per person.

For more information feel free to contact me or call on 07880 726025

Lose weight in Basingstoke easier by adjusting your dial.

Weight loss can be easier than you think living in Basingstoke

Once the correct mindset is achieved. Because when you think about it, no one is forcing food into your mouth, you can chose what to eat and when to stop eating, or can you?

Why is it some  morbidly obese people can't stop and skinny people eat very little. Is it down to will power or self-discipline?

Neither, because it's all in the mind.

To be specific your Ventromedial Hypothalamus, this is a structure located in your Limbic system. This little beauty determines when you are full so you stop eating. Would'nt it be great if this little device could be controlled in some way, maybe adjusted like a dial. Of coarse dials generally have numbers to indicate a range, lets assume the range goes from 0 to 10.


When that dial reaches 10 you stop eating because your brain is telling you to stop because you are full, or should I say your Ventromedial Hypothalamus is telling you to stop eating. Lets suppose you can move that stop signal to say 9, this will mean you get full sooner with a little less food. Would you lose weight then, probably. Lets move it down further to say even a 7, wow that means you will get full on nearly a third less food.  Hypnosis works because the process deals with the subconscious or inner mind, the driver of all your behaviours and habits.

So will that mean you will lose weight? What if this could be achieved on a consistent basis. Success!

Weight problem going going, gone.

So how can this dial be adjusted in your favour, so you can lose weight easier, well unfortunately you cannot physically reach in and adjust your dial. You cannot even WILL your dial down because your dial is situated in the subconscious part of your brain, which by definition you have no awareness of. So we need a process that can affect the subconscious. The all powerful inner you that maintains; 

  1. Your physical body,

  2. Stores your memories,

  3. Stores your habits and skills.

This is where hypnosis comes in utilising the language of positive change overcoming problems at a subconscious level.

Basingstoke Hypnotherapy 4 you is offering the popular Hypno gastric band  for a very reasonable investment of £ So why not take action now, and lose weight easier in Basingstoke by adjusting your dial. You know you deserve it.

Not sure if hypnotherapy in Basingstoke is for your, no problem just download your Pure Relaxation Audio here and experience Hypnosis for Free.