Our Fee structure

Free Hypnotherapy in Basingstoke

The first session is free, this enables us to get to know each other and for you to decide if you want to work with me. It also gives me an opportunity to decide if I can help you. If I feel at this point you are not ready for change we will go our separate ways and there will be no cost to you. The free Hypnotherapy session that Basingstoke Hypnotherapy 4 You offers, will be an opportunity to clarify your reasons to make that positive change and live the life you deserve.

Our pricing in the Basingstoke area is based on a total fee of £260, this ensures you are fully aware of what your fee will be from outset. Our package fee could involve up to 4 sessions, however many times I have found my clients are enabled to make the necessary changes in the first session. Therefore the fee is based on the change work carried out as some client's need to more help than others.  

Hypno Gastric band therapy

A Hypno Gastric band installation for weight loss involves 4 sessions with an investment of £280

Quit Smoking in Basingstoke

Smoking cessation can take place in one single session with a cost of £260 although the up to 4 sessions are available in that fee. A small investment considering the cost and health benefits of giving up smoking, and becoming a new ex-smoker in Basingstoke.

A note on fee structure

I consider the fees I charge very reasonable, it's important you understand this is an investment in you, not a cost. By booking my services you are indicating you are looking to make positive improvements in your life that will far outweigh the small investment required. As a both clinically trained hypnotherapist and client centered remedial hypnotist you will be making an excellent investment in yourself. So get serious and make that decision to change your life for the better NOW.