How do you Know when you are hypnotised?

I have carried out many group hypnotic demonstrations in the Basingstoke area. The most recent talk I presented was at a local golf course. 

I explained the power of positive visualisation, and how it applies, in this context to golf improvement. I then ask my guests to actually carry out a simple routine that proves to them, it really works. Yes, they were amazed.

As a stage hypnotist, I think it is really important that my client/subject knows what hypnosis is and more importantly knows that they have actually been hypnotised. The easiest way for me to show this is to just do it.

So I will asked for a volunteer to come up and experience hypnosis, so the rest of the group could see first hand the true power of this phenomena. So I had my volunteer and I shall call him Dan, because that was his name. He entered hypnosis very quickly, I like doing it quickly as it's more fun. My favourite "things" I like to get my subject to do, is to forget something that they should absolutely know. I have found this goes down really well in my demonstrations.


So I had Dan forget his name, yes actually forget his name, no matter how hard he tried he could not recall his name. Naturally the audience were amazed, I then gave him a NEW name, which not surprisingly was a girls name, just to add even more hilarity into the show. To say my invited guests was gobsmacked was an understatement. We done other fun things as well, making it a really interesting and informative evening for all, including Dan. 

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